In the Sound & Light Project, disciplines such as sound, architecture and visual arts exchanges. The spatial and the visual experience go beyond the known perceptions. The main examples of 20th and 21th centuries’ polyphonic choral music repertoire are played such as Arvo Part, Ivan Spassov, Sıdıka Özdil. The performance transforms the sound to a space, the space to a form and the form to a living structure. Therefore the audience is presented a vibrant, multi-layered, vocal, moving and breathing performance.

The architectural design of the crystallized cloud-like form is about the sequential passage of sound waves of various frequencies. It is derived from the pyramid that is the simplest volume-creating archetype in architecture. The visuals that are projected on the architectural structure were based on the works of song performed by the choir. The form gains motion with the images projected on the architectural structure using the video mapping technique. This performance doesn’t just fictionalize the visualization of sound but also allows to the viewer to explore different dimensions of space and time and breaks the reality perception of the viewer.

Commissioned by

State Polyphonic Choir


NOHlab, Ankara State Choir, Hisar Schools

Art Direction & Visuals


State Polyphonic Choir Chief and Art Director

Cemi'i Can Deliorman

Architectural design and production

Alper Derinboğaz ( Salon2 ), Cemal Koray Bingöl

Electronic sound

Alp Çoksoyluer


Ankara State Choir


Flufoto, Murat Durusoy, Sırma Doruk

Making of video

Sırma Doruk

Poster Design

Emre Parlak

Thanks to

Hisar Schools and Culture Center, PG Art Gallery, Petek Pekuysal


Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall-Ankara, Hisar Schools Culture Center-Istanbul


10 & 17 October, 2012


60' 00