Story starts with the simplest and most common of shapes, a disc. A flat lying human made artifact that’s full of energy, levitating on a back lit monolith with a unique and mysterious magnetic liquid. The object then starts changing its shape with glowing colors of deep ocean and greeted by the powerful and surprising energy of O2. We see the sparkling colors of a visual symphony around the disc. The sparkling colors are around the disc represent the interaction of the disc with its surroundings, symbolizing the ever connectedness of the 21st century human being. This energetic ensemble is in contrast with the environment.

We get a closer look at the disc. It’s a beautiful interaction.

The disc descents to surface of the monolith; exerting pressure to the liquid on top of the monolith also forming ripples extending from center, we take a good look at the whole spectacle from top. The disc starts spinning a little faster and now it starts changing shape becoming a freeform object, wobbling, arising the expectation that something incredible is about to happen. The disc starts to metamorphose. It expands into rectangular surfaces, and this transformation also effects the monolith, together with the universe it exist in. It is a different universe now, with different physical rules, without gravity, where everything is possible. Various angular shapes, fractals change into spherical ones. The geometrical organized structure becomes a more organic helical structure; dancing, accelerating, decelerating and they’re interconnected with the network that connects them. The helical organic structure extends and reaches its outmost boundaries. With its new identity the disc starts to reform itself.

Finally the disc becomes the button which will open the exciting world of O2 to the millions which will enjoy this privilege





VCCP London

Production Company


Design & Direction


3D & Compositing


Additional images


Thanks to

Gizem Renklidağ, Coşku Özdemir, Lerzan Metin, Ahmet Peynircioğlu