Gated communities are accepted fictional living forms of the big cities. Most of the families want to live in a secure and well-prepared constructions with active social possibilities. The construction have also been designed for new communication ways and privacy limits of the visitors. Technologies and eco-friendly approaches in daily architectural visions direct urban planners to add really simple and effective designs on whole area. Taking all this into consideration; gated communities convert all this parameters into a reliable social networks with a specific design path.

NARKULE ( is located at the top of Narcity, which is designed by Nevzat Sayın ( Their first public housing project has a major public building now. Story of our performance is built on facts behind the curtain, such as energy of life and abstract links of the buildings. We covered walls / stage floor / stage background to project our visuals on it. NARKULE, its trade center and C Block of Narcity built by architects as a 1/50 models. We synchronized and projected our visuals on independently mapped 5 different surfaces at the same time.


Tepe Construction

Production Company


Art & Creative Direction




Music & Sound Design

Görkem Şen

Project Management

Erdem Dilbaz ( Nerdworking )

Project Co-ordinator

Elif Demirci


Canan Erten, Alper Yıldırım, Elif Karaköse


Mert Şahbaz, Volkan Çağalı

Special Thanks to

Berna Erkartal, Cihan Kandaz, Pınar Karaduman, The Seed

Special Hates to

Dataton Watchout Systems