NOHlab and Tarkan Köroğlu have worked together in this project and they have created a spectacular interdisciplinary structure to portray the interreligious theme of the "Lucifer's Fall".

NOHlab has designed audio-visuals and created an astonishing video mapping projected onto the colossal windows of more than 600 years old St. Michael's Chapel. The holy medieval space, the actress and her personages, the digital animations and three dimensional soundscape interact with each other, they build an unity and dissociate from it alternately to create the story of Lucifer as a vivid, accessible and impressive experience for the audience.

Lucifer who was once the highest and favorite angel of God, tells about the life in the Kingdom of God just before the mankind was created. He tells then how His father created Adam and how he was perplexed when God ordered to all angels to kneel before Adam. Lucifer had no idea that his hesitation to fulfill this order would ignite the process of his downfall.

"Lucifer's Fall"  is based on the story of the fallen angel mentioned in the three holy books; Torah, Bible en Quran. Director Tarkan Köroğlu created a controversial interpretation of Lucifer and he wrote a theater text  by using the exact lines from those holy scripts as well. The play is written for one actress and Anne Fé de Boer performed the role in the world premiere  by the spectacular venue St. Michael’s Chapel of the Domtower, Utrecht in 2012.


Commissioned by

EA Theatre

Direction and text

Tarkan Köroğlu

Visual Design


Audio Design

NOHlab, Alp Çoksoyluer, Eser Karaca, Giray Gürkal and Gorkem Sen


Anne Fé de Boer


EA Theatre, Charon van Buuren


Imre Parkanyi


Remko van den Ende, Jaap van der Woude, Floris Berendse, Jan Aike Luchtenberg


Ludo Costongs

Scenography advice

Sacha Zwiers

Dance Choreography (advice)

Charlotte Baines


Haydar Çakal

Special Thanks to

Jasper Saman, Mathilde Tracker (internship), Ingrid Beer, Wendy Veerhuis, Chrissy Dun (internship), Avant la lettre, Jochem Jurgens,Claar Schouwenaar, Steffie of Lamoen


St. Michael’s Chapel of the Domtower, Utrecht - Netherlands


18 & 29 June, 2012


130' 00''