The Target City Lights are an artful gift to the city of Minneapolis and should be thought of as a canvas, rather than a billboard. The lights are an opportunity to connect with the community on a nightly basis and leave a positive impact. Colloid is one of the five commissioned works for the Artist Series project, which its concept was born after the lakes of Minnesota. Colloid was screened in a screen that the glass outlined volume is 26x77x45 feet and a shimmer that contains 700,000 LED lights. 
NOHlab created this motion painting artwork thinking of the various states of water such as; molecule, crystal, liquid, solid and gaseous… Colloid plays with water forms that are in a non-solvent environment. İstanbul based studio NOHlab tried to process the visual richness of the city, which is surrounded by water and where the four seasons can be lived.

Commissioned by


Direction & Design


Sound Design

Alp Coksoyluer


Target Headquarter Building - Minneapolis, USA


1 - 30 July 2012


08' 04